Turns out, you don’t need to wear a pumpkin on your head every day à la Dwight in the Halloween episode of “The Office” every day until to get into the fall spirit! Instead, you can celebrate all things fall by attending –– and thoroughly enjoying ––your local harvest festival. Here is a sampling of reasons you should attend and, y’know, get your harvest on.

Do it for: the food

What better way to appreciate the bountiful harvest than to taste anything and everything it has to offer? All things apple, pumpkin, and pecan are renowned fall favorites, so you’re sure to encounter them in all kinds of fascinating forms at fall’s biggest ball. If you ever wished for two Thanksgiving dinners in one season (or at least two reasons to let yourself indulge in a hearty serving of pumpkin pie), your local harvest festival might just fit the bill.

Do it for: a chance to take in the fall weather

Fall is (in)arguably the best season re: weather. The sweltering heat of summer has passed us by, and the bitter cold dregs of deep winter are still a problem for future you. Let current you enjoy the crisp-but-not-too-cold air, do some real-life ASMR with those crunching leaves, and soak up all the remaining vitamin D in the air before the sun starts setting at, like, 4:30.

Do it for: the whole family to have fun

Harvest festivals are a great reason to get the whole gang out of the house and doing something together that doesn’t come around every single week. With games for the kids, hard apple cider for the parents, and if you’re lucky, a happy hay ride, you’re sure to make many memories worthy of printing out and adding to the family scrapbook.

Do it for: the chance to practice gratitude

Nothing like warming up for Thanksgiving a few weeks early, right? The harvest season is all about reaping the rewards of your hard work and appreciating the abundance around you, so take some time to revel in the glory of it all, say thank you, and spark some joy.

Do it for: the memories (and the photos)

Listen, we know you’re thirsting for an Instagram shot, you know it, so let’s just agree that a harvest festival filled with bumpy pumpkins, a coherent yet inoffensive color scheme, and that really pretty ‘jeweled’ corn you saw on Pinterest is the perfect place to snag that ideal #fallstagram.