Issue #192: The Foot Issue

This is a sponsored post.

Powering through a tough workout is hard enough without worrying about nagging soreness in your soles and feet as you go about your cardio or bodyweight exercises. And while making sure that you’re slipping on the right shoes for every workout is one way to keep your feet feeling good through any workout, we’re big proponents of having a fallback strategy for keeping pain at bay so that you’re not at a loss should your feet start acting up mid-workout.

As far as pain-relieving secret weapons go, one of the most recent additions to our arsenal is Sole Serum. While the product is marketed primarily as an on-the-go pain reliever for high heels, the fast-acting lotion, which promises long-lasting relief from high heel-induced soreness and pain on the soles of your feet, boasts a number of benefits that we couldn’t help but notice seemed to be pretty in line with what we’d hope to find in a product that powers us through our workouts.

Sole Serum’s pain-relieving natural formula draws its power from lidocaine, which acts as a powerful numbing agent against nagging discomfort at the soles of your feet. Which is great for when you’re wearing heels, sure, but also pretty great when you find yourself struggling to shake off the pain on the soles of your feet during a spin class or a run.

In addition to the lidocaine, Sole Serum’s proprietary formula is comprised of mostly essential oils, including lavender, peppermint, and tea tree. And besides giving the lotion a pretty pleasant (albeit very subtle) scent, these essential oils actually help act as natural moisturizers and soothing agents for dry, cracked skin on the soles and balls of your feet.

Plus, Sole Serum’s convenient packaging and fast-drying formula make it the perfect product to keep on hand and apply right before you need it to kick in – in this case, right before you start your workout.

The way we see it, the best workouts are the ones that challenge us – and a little foot pain should never be the thing standing in between us and and our ability to step up our game.

Ready to get some serious pain relief in your gym bag? Shop Sole Serum now and see the pain-relieving benefits for yourself.