Like your wardrobe, your skincare routine is something that ought to switch with the seasons. And like the for the fall with bitter gourd! Great, but what the heck is bitter gourd? Also known as bitter melon, bitter gourd is a bumpy, cucumber-like super fruit. While it may look pretty unappealing (no, really, it’s not cute) and taste pretty bitter (it’s right there in the name, after all), bitter gourd is packed with plenty of healthy and wholesome nutrients that make it well worth adding to your wellness routine. In fact, bitter gourd’s host of health benefits have made it a staple in several Asian countries for ages, where it’s most commonly utilized to help with weight loss benefits, blood purification, and skincare treatments. We trust that as a veteran of the global beauty industry, Asia knows the ins-and-outs of skincare. So, instead of painfully spending hundreds of dollars on Dior serums, snag a batch of bitter gourds from your local farmer’s market for a much cheaper, all-natural glow-up. Need more convincing? Here’s a complete round-up of bitter gourd’s (ample) skincare benefits. 

Bitter gourd packs important nutrients

Bitter gourd  is filled with skin-perfecting nutrients, and loaded with clarifying antioxidants (yup, sounds promising already!) Among them, vitamin A, B, and C are key proponents of skin rejuvenation.

Vitamin A 

Vitamin A protects against UV damage and slows signs of aging, while encouraging healthy skin cell production, and fighting off bacteria. Vitamin A is what’s commonly referred to in the skincare industry as retinol, and it’s most commonly used topically as a wrinkle-guard, collagen stimulator, and acne-repeller. 

Vitamin B9

Also known as folate, vitamin B9 ensures healthy cell turnover for optimal tissue growth, and plump radiant skin. Plus, bitter gourd also contains a smaller percentage of vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6, all of which act as anti-stressors, skin softeners, and hormone regulators. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C limits skin damage induced by light exposure and promotes the production of collagen. The latter is the most abundant protein in your body, and is known to promote skin elasticity, hair health, and nail strength.

Tip: Add bitter gourd to your diet with these must-try recipes to reap all of its important nutrients. 

Bitter gourd oil heals small scabs and blemishes

Thanks to its high concentration of vitamin C and linolenic acid (both of which help restore the skin), bitter gourd oil is effective in healing sores, eczema, wounds, ringworms, athlete’s foot, and psoriasis. Think of it as nature’s neosporin – moisturizing and anti-bacterial.

Tip: Directly apply bitter gourd oil to your blemishes to accelerate the healing process, or slap on a bitter gourd facemask for the same effect. 

Bitter gourd juice helps reduce blood sugar 

As you probably know by now, sugar is one of the bigger culprits behind a lot of stubborn zits or breakouts. But just because you can’t resist a bowl of Frosted Flakes every now and then or are down to let yourself indulge in a macadamia nut cookie or two once in a while, that shouldn’t mean that your skin is at the sugar’s mercy. Simply add bitter gourd to your daily food mix! Its antioxidant properties will purge your blood from excess sugar (kind of like insulin), significantly reducing acne flare-ups and redness. You’ll find that the addition of bitter gourd to your diet helps you keep your skin under control – without the painstaking sugarless diet!

Tip: Sip on some bitter gourd juice every morning for glowing skin. It might not sound like the best way to start your day, but trust us when we say that it’s worth the effort! 

Now that Asia’s well kept beauty secret is out, introduce bitter gourd to your skincare routine for a natural face lift. Its vitamin composition, healing properties,  and sugar-regulating qualities will grace your face with smooth and clean skin.