It’s no secret that we’re big fans of wellness around here. When it comes to talking about health, though, you’ll often find us talking about habits that can improve our overall wellness as humans, whether it’s eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising, or taking time for self care. But what about wellness when it comes to our trusty sidekicks? Sure, we always want what’s best for our dogs, but sometimes that stops at trying to find the best natural dog food, or making sure that your pooch gets no less than 30 minutes of exercise per day. Less often do we think about dog health in the same way we think about our own health, like in the case of adding a nutritional boost with daily vitamins and supplements, for example. Thankfully, there’s a new brand on the block that doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to looking out for dogs’ nutrition, which means pretty great things for our pups and their health.

Finn is a new pet wellness brand that specializes in pet nutritional supplements formulated specifically to help dogs feel their best. The brand, which launched on September 9, is kicking things off with four great products intended to help with some of the most common issues that dogs deal with at all stages in life. These products include a hip & joint supplement, a calming aid, a skin & coat supplement, and a multivitamin, each of which delivers a range of key vitamins and nutrients in the form of a tasty soft chew that dogs love.

Interestingly enough, while Finn’s primary goal is to fill a gap in the wellness industry and provide pups with the same kind of nutritional care and products we see in heaps for humans, the idea to start

goes back to founder James Shalhoub’s own personal wellness journey.

“It kind of starts with my own experiences with health starting back from when I was working in banking, to be honest,” says Shalhoub. “I was working in New York, having all of my meals at a desk and compromising exercise for whatever extra sleep I could get outside of the office. In a way, I think having to make a lot of sacrifices around my own health and wellness for a long time pushed me to eventually reevaluate things and make it a top priority for myself. Eventually, I decided to quit my job and started working with a health and wellness startup — WellPath — which is where my involvement in the wellness industry kind of took off.”

While working with our team at WellPath, Shalhoub was involved heavily in product development and supply chain, which is where he learned all about the nuances of nutrition and what it takes to create a premium supplement.

Credit: Tayler Smith Photography

“I was learning all kinds of things about formulation, like how pairing turmeric with bioperine boosts the absorption of nutrition, or how the use of silicon dioxide in capsules is really only useful for the manufacturer but puts a foreign substance in our bodies,” says Shalhoub. “While working on all of that and learning about the industry, I was also working on a pet-focused newsletter on the side, and at one point the wheels just started turning and I began thinking that, with how much people love their animals, it was interesting that there weren’t as many companies out there dedicated to pet wellness the same way we have as people.”

Sensing that he was onto something, Shalhoub decided to survey his newsletter readers to get a sense of how people cared for their dogs’ nutrition and what was missing in the space. From there, he began assessing common health concerns for dogs and how he could use his knowledge of supplementation and premium formulation to create nutritional products for dogs on par with those we see on the market for humans. As he went about the process, Shalhoub quickly tapped in experts who played a key role in guiding the formulation process, as well.

“I am not an animal health expert,” says Shalhoub. “I know a ton about supplements and I felt really confident about the process of working with manufacturers to create something great. To make sure our products were really perfect for dogs, though, I put together a panel of vets who advised us and kind of became our guard rails along the way.”

A few of the experts on Finn’s panel of vets include Dr. Kerri Nelson, DVM, PGRS-C, Dr. Farren Billand, DVM, and Dr. Laura Robinson, DVM, all of whom played an instrumental role in guiding the formulation process from an early stage. The result? A final product that is backed by vets and goes above and beyond what traditional products on the market provide.

“Finn has evolved with the times,” says Dr. Robinson. “So many products are outdated these days, and Finn has a great, fresh approach to the pet supplement world. The formulas are a good mix of ingredients that have been around a long time and newer, proven ingredients, too.”

With Finn in your corner, it’s easier than ever to tackle dog wellness and give your pooch the upper paw.

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