Issue #187: The Transitional Issue

Seasons they are a-changin’, and our daily primping is coming along for the ride. Hotter weather, humidity levels, and changes in our activity (aka spending our weekends sweating in the sunshine instead of barricading ourselves against the frigid winter air) all affect our bodies, so it makes sense that our products should shift along with the temperatures. Here are a few easy changes that will help you get a headstart on mastering your self-care routine this summer.

Leave the grease behind.

Say “I’ll see you in a few months!” to your thick, rich wintry moisturizer, then pack her into the cupboard with a gentle shove. Pick up a water-based gel instead, perfect for quickly soaking into your thirsty skin without fighting against the humidity on your face, creating a greasy slick in the process. For the acne-prone out there, water-based products are also way less likely to provoke a zit into existence.

Get scrubby with it.

Heat makes you sweat (shocking, we know), and sweat can get all kind of nasty gunk spreading across your skin and sinking down into your pores. Grab a scrub for your face, body, and maybe even your scalp that you can use to wash the day away two or three times a week.

Slather on the SPF.

Even if the damaging effects of the sun’s penetrating rays don’t show up the day after earning a wicked burn, you can bet those deep wrinkles and dark spots will come back to bite you down the road. Trade in your hefty foundation for a tinted moisturizer with built-in SPF, and switch out a messy spray for a luxurious mousse option to add a bit of whimsy.

Hydrate your hair.

Heat damage is the biggest threat to your lovely locks, but humidity sure knows how to ruin a good hair day. Protect from attacks on both fronts by loading up on deep conditioners and adding a heat-protecting, humidity-controlling element to your daily routine. Want to take it a step further? Opt for air-drying and avoid heat styling tools to really give your noggin’ a little R&R.

Freshen up your feet.

No more hiding under sturdy boots – it’s time to take the piggies to the market, or the beach, or the park, or even just for a night on the town. They’ll have to be out on display anyway, so pop in to the nearest nail salon for a quick whipping those winter feet into summer shape. Really want to get back to basics? Try one of these wild, skin-sloughing foot peels for a completely fresh start.