Issue #194: The Humidity Issue

All it takes is for one person to breathe the word “humidity” and your hair is standing on end – literally. This year, instead of battling frizz and flyaways all summer long, take control of your relationship with humidity and take the stress out of having a little extra water vapor in the air.

Moisturize, rinse, and repeat.

It may feel counterintuitive, what with all the water floating around in the air, but the more moisturized your hair is, the better it can fend off its frizzled tendencies. Pick up some smoothing shampoo and conditioner designed to hold your hair together without weighing it down, and be sure to apply at least one frizz-free product once you’re out of the shower, too. Tackling the problem while your hair is soaked allows you to address it without the immediate interference of already-humid household air.

Speak softly and carry a soft towel.

Whipping a coarse towel all around your head in an effort to dry your hair quickly is actually super disruptive to the individual strands. Instead, use a microfiber towel or soft cotton t-shirt to prevent unnecessary breakage and keep your hair happy. If you do towel dry, at least do it by squeezing the water out of your hair, not roughing it up like a middle school bully.

Lean into the curls.

If your plan for getting through the summer is wrangling your naturally wavy tresses into submission day after day, we bid you farewell and good luck. (We’ll just be over here actively placing bets against you.)

Instead of leaning on the styling products, lean into the curls. Steer clear of your heated devices and find an air-drying solution that works for your hair type. Your locks will appreciate the chance to heal from the heat damage, and healthier hair is way less prone to frizz in the first place.

Pull it back.

When all curl breaks loose, sometimes the easiest and most immediate solution is to just tie things up a bit. With more than a few flyaways, it’s sure to be a messier style, but you can class things up a bit by adding in a fun barrette or pretty ribbon to make it all feel intentional.

Consider keratin.

If you’re really committing to fighting the frizz with all available weapons, opt for a keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout. There’s only so much that products can do, but keratin treatments will actually chemically calm the mess on your head and cut your styling time in half. When in doubt, Brazilian blow it out!