Issue #192: The Foot Issue

Sure, sheet masks are still all the rage and we’ll never stop loving #MaskMonday, but in the spirit of getting our tootsies in shape for summer, we’re going to focus on our feets this week.

The long, cold months of winter can be super tough on our toes, and it feels pretty amazing to start fresh when sandal season begins. Japan’s Baby Foot peeling mask has reached cult status for the wild amounts of skin that come sloughing off a few days later, revealing brand new, super soft baby skin underneath. It’s kind of like an extreme pedicure that happens all at once, and it’s great for softening up strong calluses before you need to show them off in flip-flops. Just be prepared to bundle them up for a few days while you’re shedding those scales like a sneaky snake.

Other masks can be used to soothe agitated tissues and swollen flesh from those new work shoes that haven’t quite broken in. Sephora has some lavender and almond oil editions, while Aveeno opts for oats and shea butter to provide some serious hydration. For a little extra luxury, use this thermal warming mask from Dermask to fill the cracks in your dry skin.

Just make sure you’re paying attention to the active ingredients in whatever mask you pick up so that it serves your intended purpose: alpha hydroxy acids for exfoliation, lavender and almond oil for nourishment, or peppermint for soothing tired and swollen feet. Your feet take you everywhere, so take care of them, too.