Summer bodies are made in the winter. And while that’s the last thing we want to think about with the holidays (and many a holiday feast) on the horizon, we can’t deny that it’s true. That’s because fitness takes time, commitment, and consistency; it’s all about regular maintenance, not seasonal commitments. Unfortunately, with the days getting shorter and the temperatures getting colder, it’s harder to muster up the motivation to drag ourselves to the gym during the winter months. But rest assured – you can still get your workout in by turning to online workout videos that you can do in the comfort of your own abode. To get you started, we’ve curated the ultimate YouTube fitness hit list, covering all types of workouts, from yoga to HIIT to everything in between. So, put your tv or laptop to good use and find time for one of these essential YouTube fitness channels.

Yoga with Adriene

Fitness category: Yoga
Average video length: 20 – 30 minutes
Testimonial: “She places a heavy emphasis on paying attention to the breath, paying attention to how it felt to get into a posture.”– Jeena

Yoga with Adriene is an online Mecca for yogis. With over 5 million followers, and 400 million views, the Texan yoga instructor – Adriene Mishler – aims to professionally introduce her practice to American homes and schools, all for free! Recognized by Google as the most searched workouts of 2015, Mishler’s content is easily accessible, super well-edited, and undeniably soothing (despite it being a workout). She helps her viewers reach their fitness goals through consistent and gentle encouragements, unlike some other instructors out there that can come on a bit strong for newcomers to the practice. She builds an open, honest, and supportive community where “yoga is not about nailing or perfecting a posture,”she says. It’s more about showing up for yourself and for others.  Mishler’s brand is a true promoter of well-rounded wellness, from fitness (obviously), to self-awareness, to inner peace.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Category: HIIT, strength training, Pilates, cardio, flexibility, low-impact, toning, balance/agility, plyometrics, barre
Average video length: 30 – 45 minutes
Testimonial: “I love the ease of working out at home & you two are the most down to earth, non-intimidating fitness instructors out there.” – Erin

If you’re looking for an organized platform for all types of workouts, make Fitness Blender your new go-to! The platform counts 500 workout videos, giving you a wide variety of choice (to say the least). Channel creators, Daniel and Kelli, have built this workout empire to “make health and fitness attainable, affordable, and approachable” as stated on their brand’s website. These two ordinary people don’t necessarily seek the fame, praise, or monetary gain other fitness gurus do; they prioritize the creation of reliable and scientifically backed fitness videos. Strictly against fluff and gimmicks, this power duo offers some of the best (if not the best) fitness content on YouTube. 

The Fitness Marshall

Fitness Category: Dance
Average video length: 3-4 minutes
Testimonial: “All the different moves have me SO starry-eyed. That wings move!! I’m gonna feel so badass doing this. 😂😍 I’ve been really looking forward to this one and it looks KILLER in all the best ways!” – Mette

The Fitness Marshall is a dance workout channel created by Caleb Marshall, a performing arts graduate from Marion, Indiana. Unlike Fitness Blender and Yoga with Adrienne, The Fitness Marshall promotes dancing as a fun hobby – with bonus fitness-building perks – more than as a way of life. And with fun being the primary focus, Marshall’s workouts are easy for anyone to get into, regardless of skill level, age, or size. His focus isn’t on how people look, but more on how people feel. As he mentions, his workouts also promote inclusivity by featuring back-up dancers of all shapes, sizes, races, and sexualities, letting viewers know that fitness isn’t reserved for six-pack gym junkies. If you love Zumba, dance with Caleb for a “poppin’ booty” and a great time!


Fitness category: Pilates
Average video length: 5 – 20 minutes
Testimonial: “One thing I love about blogilates is how approachable her channel is.  She doesn’t intimidate me with a dark atmosphere like some other fitness channels, it’s all bright and colorful. She is also so open with her viewers so it doesn’t seem like an unachievable goal to become fit and happy like her.” – Guinevere F.

Cassey Ho launched Blogilates – a danceable practice combining pop music and pilates – in the early days of YouTube in 2009. Ho’s new take on pilates, which is traditionally slow and quiet, was an instant success. Since then, she’s accumulated over 4 million subscribers and 500 million views, making her channel the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube. As a certified fitness instructor, you can be assured that Ho knows exactly what she’s doing. And although most of her videos focus on pop pilates, she also offers single-song fitness challenges, and 20-minute+ workouts, which are all conveniently equipment-free (apart from a recommended mat). The best part? Unlike many other fitness influencers, she openly speaks about her personal body issues, fitness journey, and opinion on society’s strict beauty standards. Bubbly, sweet, optimistic, and relatable, Ho is basically the perfect workout buddy!


Fitness Category: HIIT, Tabata, strength and cardio, low-impact training, kickboxing and MMA, flexibility, yoga
Average video length: 5- 60 minutes
Testimonial: “Thanks for actually doing the full workout with us each time and not doing much editing.  It motivates me to see you guys working right along side me- sweaty and all!” – Krymas

Fitness Category: HIIT, Tabata, strength and cardio, low-impact training, kickboxing and MMA, flexibility, yoga
Average video length: 5- 60 minutes
Testimonial: “Thanks for actually doing the full workout with us each time and not doing much editing.  It motivates me to see you guys working right along side me- sweaty and all!” – Krymas

HASfit stands for heart and soul fitness because Coach Cozak and Claudia – personal trainers and the brains behind the channel – believe everyone deserves to be fit. Whether you’ve been spending 10 hours of your week at the gym for as long as you can remember, or you first touched a dumbbell two days ago, HASfit will push your limits in the most gratifying way. Their videos mostly consist of strength training workouts – with or without dumbbells – and high-intensity training programs. I repeat, they’re not easy – quite the contrary – but they’ll lead to real results, whether you’re looking to tone, build strength, lose weight, or just do a little upkeep. And for all those with limited mobility, HASfit has got you covered with targeted body-part workouts. No one will feel left out!